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I starting doing massages as a little child for my hard working mother. She was a farmer and always asked me to massage her legs or walk on her back & legs to minimize her pains & tiredness. Massaging became the norm for me as I grew up.

I became serious about massage from 2005 as I drove therapist to the hotel then learned from them different techniques. My amazing teacher taught me mixed techniques to make it work on various body types. As a driver you know of and develop aches and pains and I always loved to get a massage every day (addicted) I am always dreamt about getting my own a massage spa so I can get massages and give massages of various Thai styles every day.

I finally got certified and understand the body and how i can help to destress and sooth pain through techniques i have developed over the years. Traditional Thai is an amazing way to relieve aches, pains and overall stress.

Come and experience it!

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